Michael Screnock, a defender of Act 10, won't promise to recuse himself from Act 10 cases

Michael Screnock, a cheerleader and legal defender for Act 10, won't promise to recuse himself from Act 10 cases if he is elected to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Act 10 stripped most collective bargaining rights from public employees,

Screnock defended the legislation in six cases as a lawyer with Michael Best & Friedrich, according to the Wisconsin State Journal:

Screnock said if elected to the high court, his decision would come down to the Act 10-related cases’ details.
“That’s one I would have to look at all the circumstances: How did it get to the court? Who are the parties involved? What are the issues involved?” Screnock said during an interview with the Wisconsin State Journal editorial board. “A challenge to a provision of Act 10 would give me the most to think about in terms of the recusal decision ... I would absolutely take very seriously that recusal decision. I just can’t commit — I wouldn’t commit — that I would or wouldn’t recuse myself.”
Yes, he will wait until the WMC and the rest of the dark money folks financing his campaign tell him whether they need his vote. They'll get what they paid for.

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